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Shiva on Don't worry dog
Greaat picture - thanks for sharing Monika

Martin Gorr on Frozen fridge
Con el temq de la dieta me da ganas de una mortadelita

J. Monk on Frozen fridge
Your style is contemporary and i like the experimentation. Well done.

David on Smoke in
If any smoker see this photo he will let smoke... So close to see the dangerous that cigarrettes are. Well done but ...

Ma®iano™ on Melt Scotch
It's Coca-Cola :) REALLY!

Ina on This is heaven?
REally beautiful :)

toni on Valdez Peninsula
Fantastic images to your blog. I like the colors and how to photograph your surroundings. Congratulations on your work.

Martin gorr on Plenilunio
Esta es del Caribe?

drphoto on Melt Scotch
Cool image, very tactile Dan

drphoto on Natural Boulevard
Nice, I like the low POV Dan

Valeria Pimenta on Trying to take a picture of the moon
really good!!!!!

Markus on Trying to take a picture of the moon
Good effort!

Rabbit on Homer??
Ha ha - thats great! Well, i gess if you have to sport that tummy around all the time, ya may as well make it useful! ...

alla on Homer??
wow, portable beer holder

Jürgen on Melt Scotch
I hope it´s not a single malt - because of the ice...:-)) Nice angle.

Dimitrios on Train 8243
a crisp and clear train shot on El bulo
Qué buena que está, hace poco le tuve que sacar a una sala de ensayo y me hubiese encantado que quedara ...

Dimitrios on Train 8243
nice shot, train 8243 looks nice and clean!

Evi on Homer??
Haha! No need for table, huh?

Martin on Train 8243
Ese es el tren que pasa Frente a tu casa y a media cuadra de mi casa?

Yvon on Train 8243
Great colours, just like our national colours.

Jerry on Train 8243
AWESOME! Love the brilliant colors!

claudio on Homer??
it's a table? it's a bassdrum? it's awale?...nooo it's piranha

Fred on Homer??
He has a built in table !

Herve on Homer??
Is that what could be named a Cliché ? In French the word means a photography and a cliché...

Tincho on Mysterious Tree
And Jeovah put a hand in the tree, and then, blowing a divine wisper, draw the portrait of His.... daughter-in-law ...

seventhray on Mysterious Tree
Oh I wish we could edit out post! I ment Isn't IT interesting, not Ins't interesting! :D

seventhray on Mysterious Tree
Isn't interesting how these things pop up around the world! Cool Photo!

Ma®iano™ on Need for speed
yes an A3

Jp on Red stones beach
Nice captiure of what looks like beautiful terain. I really like the sky as well.

Ben on Need for speed
Looks like an Audi.

badala on Valdez coast
Wonderful moment captured here. Great shot. This see lions was really enjoying the warm sun! Love it.

j. coleman miller on Valdez Peninsula
So sharp!

Johnny Soedomo on Valdez Peninsula
Nice view

Dawn Sutherland on Valdez Peninsula
I wish I was there, breathtaking!!

Dimitrios on Valdez Peninsula
perfect view

Jerry on Valdez Peninsula
GRAND image - Excellent!

Roland on Valdez Peninsula
Great view!

orson on Valdez Peninsula

Bob on Valdez Peninsula
Very Dramatic coast line. Do I see seals on the beach?

Damon Schreiber on Water Reflection
Brilliant! El azul hace que la imagen parcece de otro mundo, de una memoria.

badala on Water Reflection
Excellent shot. The reflection is perfect.

Graham on Sunset plain field
Exelente tipo de fotografía que me encanta hacer, lo felicito Mariano.

badala on Sunset plain field
Great sunset.

badala on Violet flower
Pretty flower.

Hubert Pacheco on Aguante la Duff!!
where's Homer? haha!

Claireg on Valve Power!!
cool shot for album cover!

Chris Sullivan on Las secas del peluca
Cool shot, my kind of photo. Love the colour and the blur

Damon Schreiber on Ignauguramos con el Matraka n° 1
Me gusta mucho la escena. Mucho realismo. ¡Feliz cumpleaños a Poncho, y bienvenidos a Am3!

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